Professional, Efficient and Effective Education 

Courses and Cost:

We specialize in MINI-GROUPS, SPEAKING-INTENSIVE Courses (a maximum of 6 students.) 

Your cost is 240lv per month 

Group Courses:

Group courses are offered at the following levels:

Beginning, Intermediate, Upper-itermediate, Pre-Advanced and Advanced as well as FCE, IELTS and CAE certificate levels.

For certificates and curriculum-based courses, we utilize the   MACMILLAN, Cambridge and Oxford educational systems.  

Morning, afternoon and weekend sessions are available. 

Courses are based on a monthly schedule, where no long-term commitment is needed.  You simply pay for your course at the beginning of each month that you plan to attend.  You can go as little as one month, or for however long you wish; your choice.

Your cost of 120 Euro per month includes unlimited access to your tutor outside classroom hours when needed.  Books are offered at an extra cost.


Group Course schedules vary based on demand.  Please contact us to check availability.

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Individual Courses:

For specialized attention, whether in person or via Skype, we offer one-on-one courses.  Cost is determined based on an individual basis. 

Your tutor will meet with you to discuss your needs, then devise a special course plan for you.  Your tutor will hand-pick materials from articles, popular textbooks and the Internet that fit the aspect of English you're trying to learn.   Only select subjects that are of interest to you will be chosen.

The course will cover vocabulary,  listening and grammar skills as appropriate, but the focus will be on speaking.  Reading and writing work is assigned for homework.  


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Example - General Business Course

Suppose you are a Real Estate Agent who is trying to establish your own business, your tutor will create a course plan that includes the following aspects: 

Communication, writing memos and letters, phone conversations, financing and budgeting for your business, pricing your services, marketing your business, real estate fundementals, meeting clients, techniques for a winning deal in person and in writing, following-up with clients and closing the deal.  You could also request to add other subjects of your choosing. 

Course plan options:

1.  Your tutor recommends a schedule to cover the materials (i.e. 12 weeks, at 2 to 3 hours per week.)

2.  Your tutor recommends a specific number of hours that she will need to cover the materials with you (i.e. 48 hours), and you will decide how much time you are able to invest weekly. 

3.  You give your tutor a set budget/schedule to work with, and she will custom-fit what she is able to in order to accommodate you.